Secrets of the female G-Spot


Years of misunderstanding about the G-spot has led some people to thinking that G-spot orgasms are allusive, or don't even exist. Well the truth is, they are alive and well! There are however some very important secrets to unlocking the G-spot orgasm. And here they are:

1. A woman needs to be very aroused before she can experience the amazing power of the G-spot orgasm. This is because the G-spot is an area that swells during arousal, it emerges out of hiding, and then this pleasure zone can be stimulated to orgasm. This is probably the most important and overlooked of theG-spot secrets.

2. The G-spot is not in the same location for every woman. It is always along the front wall of the vagina, but sometimes it is lower down, sometimes deeper inside. So, make sure you vary your angles and depths until you find the spot.


3. The G-spot plays a major role in multiple orgasms and female ejaculation. It holds the potential forgreatly expanding a woman's sexual pleasure. Tantric teachers describe the Clitoris and the G-spot as the north and south pole of a woman's pleasure. So it is an area really worth discovering!


4. The great news is, like a fine wine, the G-spot just gets more pleasurable over time...
The G-spot becomes more sensitive to pleasure, the more often that it is stimulated. Because this area has been long forgotten, It needs to be awakened, and coaxed out of hiding and the pleasure-pathways reestablished in the brain. The Passionate Sexual Positions guide contains 32 sure-fire positions to hit the g-spot. You can get a copy here.



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Jessica Rose

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